Finding self

We sit behind our screens and judge.
We look at pictures online and constantly compare.
We stand in line at the store and criticize.

We see beautiful people with beautiful things,
and we desire what they appear to have,
not realizing the pain they hide,
not realizing the suffering they feel,
not realizing the emptiness in which they dwell.

These are the reflections of an unsettled mind,
projections by a Self who hasn’t yet realized
the nature of its own conscious creations.

Our happiness is diffracted
when our awareness is distracted
away from our inner Self;
which is the light that illumines
the essence of our entire being.

When we abide in those troubling thoughts
of what we appear to lack,
instead of in the abundance of All That We Are,
we obscure our vitality with unreal worries of mind.

As long as we continue to seek fulfillment
through egoic pursuits of the material world,
then we will continue to suffer inside the dream
of their false, illusory, and impermanent appearances.

Realize that it is only your desires and fears
that keep you feeling stuck;
when you move your mind beyond,
you realize the beauty, bliss, and perfection
of all that is Real.

Quieten the mind.

Search no more for things you think you need,
Search no more for reasons to be annoyed.

You already have it All,
as YOU are all there truly IS.

All that you perceive is within;
there is nothing outside of you,
as you are the Absolute Consciousness
in which all perceptions arise and appear.

YOU are the source of your own Reality,
the very substance from which all happiness grows.

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