Your time will come – Kanika Khatri

Your today’s decision will ultimately determine your destiny. More than anything else, I believe it is our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny.

Your destiny is not something you can sit by and let happen to you. We need to take action on the opportunities you are presented with.

Decisions have incredible power over our lives.Think of all the aspects of your life you’re thrilled about and the aspects you were not so thrilled about.

All of which have one thread in common – they are all the result of the decisions you’ve made.

So if decisions have such great power to shape your life. Why do you put off making decisions?

The biggest reason is fear. You often avoid making decisions because you’re afraid of failing.

Now the question is why are you afraid to take that bold step and make that decision.
Embrace the challenge and immerse yourself in the knowledge. You will learn, change and grow from it.

The person I’m today is from past experiences. I know that by keeping going, taking each day at a time, making an intentional step forward, and not giving in, I can conquer over my fear.

So, take each day at a time. Don’t reflect on yesterday or the past. Do one thing that you like to do and do it every day no matter how you feel.

You’re going to face challenges in business and life too. Mindset, Patience, life skills and personal growth is all require to thrive and shine.

The hardest part about pursuing your dreams is deciding to do so. After that, it is easy.

Today, challenge yourself to let go of the fear.

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