Behind every successful Man is a Woman but behind every successful Woman is HERSELF!

God made you first, with utmost delicacy and love. Then He made Man so the latter could help you do what He has done so exquisitely! He created a Beautiful Habitat, Nature, for you and your husband and the children that both of you were to co-create, thereby creating Geniuses who will further improve on His creation.

So you see Lady, you were meant to be loved and pampered. The dose was meant to double or more during your Pregnancies as you were in those moments nurturing a soul within your heart with all your Emotions too. Giving birth is nothing less than a Miracle! Your Baby, girl or boy saw the World through the lens of your own eyes and his/her world started taking shape based on your concept of the world. Yes just as you passed on food through the umbilical cord, you also passed your feelings and assumptions about your concept of the world to your off springs! The seeds planted, good or bad will eventually reap fruits, good or bad.

Today is a New Day. If not for your sake, start to review your concept of your world for the sake of your children. Believe me, as you change your own concepts to see the world as you desire it to be, your children’s concept of their world will miraculously start to mutate to match yours!

You are to be REVERED Woman, that is how powerful you are. With all due respect to men, if you can help your mothers see their own worth, you will be the one to Benefit. 

The Women in your Family are your real Treasures. Keep them Happy always!

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