Noticing Kindness

We choose not to feed the virus of fear, but of love. To focus not on isolation, but on connections. Not on differences, but on commonalities that unite us. Covid-19 has not only hit You, Me or us but at a global level the amount of devastation it brought no bounty can measure. As human, as a parent of two little angels inculcating positivity in my kids and let the learning continue it was not a standalone task for me. Where we were swamped by chores and responsibilities to engage kids into positive spirit and learning it was a task. But, as said “It is easy said than done; Question was How ? Answer was similar charity begins at home.

Foremost, what is kindness? Any act of benevolence has to be showcased than to be talked. To simplify…ever help carry someone’s groceries, drop cookies off at your neighbor’s or just a random check message to someone? And simplifying it just smile to someone without expecting a smile return is kindness. If so, then you’re already a pro at practicing random acts of kindness. If you’re not sure what qualifies as a random act of kindness, think of it as a kind word, gesture or act you do just because there’s no ulterior motive or expectation of reciprocity and it’s often spontaneous. The idea is to spread love, good will and kindness in the world. 

While most of us probably act in many kind ways every day without much thought, intentionally noticing kindness feels good and reinforces and encourages a positive mindset.

You can bring attention to the ways your child already practices kindness. Does she feed the stray dog? That’s an act of kindness. To make them understand we started feeding stray dogs on regular intervals.

Does he hug his younger sibling when she’s sad or scared? That’s an act of kindness. Noticing when our kids are kind and pointing out the positive impact their words and actions have on others builds their self-confidence.

One precise instance I would like to share goes by for our Heros .They are our heroes whose sacrifices are much less visible than those of our healthcare workers. They are our migrant workers. They build our houses, our parks and our offices. They do the work that we would never want our children to do. Yet, they are often invisible, unacknowledged and sometimes even discriminated against.

On 11th March this year, I and my husband randomly went to check on the site which is being constructed for our future abode. The aim was to bless them with useful items, such as masks, sanitisers, groceries and some money to be sent back home to their families. In preparation for the visit, I had asked my children to give away at least 5 toys which they don’t wish to play with, any of the by-cycle and 10 clothes each to be given. This initially baffled them but lately they enjoyed .As giving is the greatest joy one can experience. Surprisingly my little ones came up with shoes as well as they thought they are equally necessary for someone who will be given these articles. Sharing is caring is immensely an excellent learning for my damsels. When I visited them what struck me the most was the rawness of the lives of the foreign workers. When they streamed in after work at 8pm, they wore worry and weariness on their faces. Most of them eagerly and wholeheartedly accept the articles and they were more than happy to precisely mentioning their expression.

I was moved by the sincerity and passion of one particular worker. While most of them were looking after the things we brought one particular worker came up and said “Didi hum apka ghar bahut sundar banaege”translated “ we will make a beautiful house for you”. That just touched me millions more than what I was doing for them.

My prayer is for these invisible heroes to stay strong. Acts of kindness don’t have to be grand gestures. Even the smallest act of kindness has the power to change someone else’s mood or day for the good.

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