What women want? -Kanika Khatri

Appreciation, success, Money, Love, Care, Sex ??? The list can go on and on but will we ever be able to figure out the rationale of the most simply complex creature on earth. Using an oxymoron was indeed required. As a woman, she is an oxymoron. She can be drastically beautiful, can be a sweet and salty, or can be cunningly naive.

It’s merely a perspective and all about priorities. Which indeed is applicable to all the women around. If she wants it she will nail it to have it. So before understanding what women want. Lets, just focus upon are you in the zone where she will consider you deserving enough for all her efforts?

Women have the capability to perform and do multi-tasking. Like-wise her expectation meter goes slightly up. The quantum of women states the more she is dependent on you the chances are she will be more docile. Women who have a head straight, facts stronger, and are well versed are more difficult to please and controlled upon. Isn’t that’s fair enough? Everything comes with a price tag, so realizing self-worth isn’t wrong. If women can’t take a stand for themselves nobody shall take for them looking at the evolution of women’s status from history to present women called upon and till present are only self-responsible.

Often women battle a lot of complexities being overweight, career issues, physical concerns, can’t find a suitable alliance, marital disharmony to name a few… likewise men have their own share of mountains of troubles to deal with. Struggles of men are equally commendable. Not being feminist. But rightly said we believe in the equality of women but Chivalry isn’t dead, being courteous to a lady is never out of fashion and shall never be. Try it out, bet a million if it doesn’t work.

Before proceeding further one thing what independent, successful women are scared of is being controlled. Alike any human being nobody is willing to be controlled upon or to be told what to do, when to do, how to do, or what to wear. When we give women the sense of well being, the realisation of self-worth, education, and making her liberal enough, isn’t this ought to happen?

Why create chaos over it?

The fairy tales from The Sleeping  beauty to Cinderella in reality are very dark and dire to be told to our little girls but passively teaches them to be docile, be a damsel in distress, and wait for your prince charming to arrive for  your rescue. Rather than making them believe in themselves and letting them believe true love and companionship will only be achieved by discernment of self and other.

But none of they are being taught to our children.

Life isn’t a fairy tale. Pain, disappointment, failure are packed in life for everyone. We , women, are capable and if not then we should thrive to be able to use them as a vehicle rather than being a victim.

Take your first flight, it can be as a toddler, adolescent, teenager, mid-age, or maybe full grown. Women are powerful, you need to accept the pain, adjust your crown , and win the world.

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