Women’s day or reminder day?

It’s not a Women’s Day … it’s a Reminder Day !!!

International Women’s Day, as the name implies, is dedicated to celebrating womanhood, their social, political, cultural, economic achievements, and their significant contributions to society.

The day also emphasizes the importance of gender equality. On this day, people from all across the world come together to participate in the celebration of womanhood.

The day has come to be increasingly associated with feminism and equal rights for women. Every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day.

Before the UN adopted it in 1977, the day was mostly celebrated in socialist and Communist countries.

But do you think Really is a WOMENS DAY ????

NO …

Today is REMINDER DAY for every man on this planet … that they are INCOMPLETE without a woman … Woman can be in the form of mother – sister – spouse – daughter.

It’s a REMINDER DAY for every man … that they cannot progress & achieve PROSPERITY in life & society without the blessings & grace of the woman in their home … The place where women are unhappy – tearful – humiliated – disgraced at such places no divine LAKSHMI (PROSPERITY) remains stable for a longer time, irrespective of men’s effort – intelligence – skills in his profession.

It’s a REMINDER DAY for every man – to nurture every woman into becoming independent – financially – emotionally – mentally …

Without Mahatma Phule … Savitri Bai Phule wouldn’t have stepped out of her home to start the first school for women … He was India’s first man to support his women to begin the revolution in girls’ child education.

When the society & men’s support lack towards women … then only two things will happen in women’s life:

Either they BREAK … and live life in complaints – grudges – hatred …

Or BREAK THE RECORD … and become Rani Laxmi Bai … Sindhutai Sapkal … Mother Teresa.

Knowing the power of feminism is the biggest awareness for every woman … and responsibility of every man to knowing his woman’s ability.

If we cannot judge the potential of your spouse or a daughter … and nourish her passion n hobby to become international level personality … we cannot call ourselves as her father – brother – or husband …
Don’t underestimate the power of women which can turn into dynamite & explode the entire family if it crosses the patience limit.

Divine has created ARDHNARESHWAR …both energies – male & female are required to balance harmony & peace in life and career … any energy short or dominant unbalances the entire creation.

Women’s day should be celebrated every day … Every moment … starting from home to looking at those walking on the street …n in office …

Women sitting alone on the platform or garden bench deserve the same kind of respect & dignity in men’s eyes as he has for his women in the home … this is a REMINDER day.

Women are not born just to do the job & support in-house EMI. & Kids education …or daily house core expenses …

They are born to CREATE & mark their name in the HISTORY of the nation in golden letters … They are not born to leave this planet in the form of a body wrapped in white cloth … but a body draped in TIRANGA with national respect & tribute …

What you give … you receive back in double: the law of attraction first principle …
So let’s begin the same from home … from office … towards every woman … to give equal self-respect – honour – dignity – care with NO SELFISH intention to make this planet a peaceful place ….!!!

Then we can indeed say
Happy woman’s Day🌼🌼

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