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Certified Behavioural Counselor and NLP Practioner.

Ms. Kanika Khatri

Kanika is a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, certified by American Board of Neuro linguistic Programming and CCE. She is a certified NLP Trainer accredited – American Board of NLP (US). Kanika is an experienced and certified NLP Practioner, Certified Behavioral counselor, Certified associate Leadership and executive coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified organizational development coach and Relationship counselor.

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Key Experties to work on -

Kanika has a vast niche to thrive upon to name a few she can be a great power her key expertise includes Communication enhancement, Relationship management, personal transformation, Leadership Development, Feedback, coaching and counseling  skills, Emotional intelligence, Change management ,Service Excellence and content solution design. She has designed at facilitated with various workshops in several corporate companies and with working intensively with various individuals to achieve their desired outcome over 9 years.

Kanika believes in compassionate and facilitative approach towards her clients and works towards building trust and relationships. Her wide experience makes her effectively  capable to bridge the gap between conceptual and practical aspects of life.

A very warm and approachable person, she has keen eye for detail and is very meticulous, Organized and solution oriented in her approach. She is also a firm believer that every hurdle shall open new ways to go across, ultimately ‘Even this shall pass’ makes her an optimistic person and together works with continuous self improvement.

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