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Certified Behavioural Counselor and NLP Practioner.

Ms. Kanika Khatri

Kanika is a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, certified by American Board of Neuro linguistic Programming and CCE. She is a certified NLP Trainer accredited – American Board of NLP (US). Kanika is an experienced and certified NLP Practioner, Certified Behavioral counselor, Certified associate Leadership and executive coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified organizational development coach and Relationship counselor.

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Our Services

  • Personal and Professional development
  • Corporate Training
  • Conflict Management
  • Career Coaching
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Teenage Counseling
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Behaviour development
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Corporate Training
  • Sales Coaching
  • Why you need us?
  • What’s the need of counseling/ Coaching?
  • I am neither mentally unstable nor depressed. Why I should go to them ?
  • What change they can bring in?
  • I will be fine with time. Why to waste time and money?
  • I don’t need any medicine?

If any of the above question crossed your mind the answer to above is here-

Key Experties to work on –

Kanika has a vast niche to thrive upon to name a few she can be a great power her key expertise includes Communication enhancement, Relationship management, personal transformation, Leadership Development, Feedback, coaching and counseling  skills, Emotional intelligence, Change management ,Service Excellence and content solution design. She has designed at facilitated with various workshops in several corporate companies and with working intensively with various individuals to achieve their desired outcome over 9 years.

Kanika believes in compassionate and facilitative approach towards her clients and works towards building trust and relationships. Her wide experience makes her effectively  capable to bridge the gap between conceptual and practical aspects of life.

A very warm and approachable person, she has keen eye for detail and is very meticulous, Organized and solution oriented in her approach. She is also a firm believer that every hurdle shall open new ways to go across, ultimately ‘Even this shall pass’ makes her an optimistic person and together works with continuous self improvement.

Happy Clients

Amod Tyagi

Amod Tyagi

Business Consultant

I met Coach Kanika 3 months back in an online session, lockdown period was very tough for me as i was going thorough steep up n downs in my personal as well as professional life.
So one day i decided to consult with NLP practitioner Ms. Kanika.
In our first interaction i felt like this lady have some serious skills to touch your right chords at right times, i mean i was never so sure that our first session will be so interactive and interesting.
I took around 5 sessions from her now and i feel much alive, motivated and cheerful as compared to older days.
I would seriously recommend her for all your worries and anxieties, because seriously she can be real help at that moment when you really need some one by your side n ofcouse dont go by her age she has hell lot of experience in her field.
Thanks Kanika for being a support.
Ankush Sharma

Ankush Sharma

Business Consultant

It was really nice talking to Kanika,it felt like I could be open and share stuff with someone.Hopefully without a judgement . waiting for upcoming sessions.
Shivani Mehta.

Shivani Mehta.

Fashion Designer

Kanika has a very positive energy around her. She gave me an insight to my concerns.I feel extremely impowered by her coaching. The way she unturned stones for me is impeccable. Thankyou so much.
Kanav Aggarwal

Kanav Aggarwal

Networking Engineer

Without any second doubt, after having my sessions with Ms. Kanika I felt so full of life and positivity that you will actually appreciate all those things in life that you have been blessed with.It makes us wonder amidst all these negativity in life there are actually some simple methods which can be adopted to embrace life. Cheers!!