Unleashed Souls

Unleashed Souls was established in 2017 with the vision of opening probabilities for individuals who seek any counselling or coaching by Ms. Kanika Khatri. We work with various senior executives, corporate houses and Individuals across the globe. Sessions undertaken at unleashed souls are designed and tailor made to inspire, engage and infuse tremendous vigor into an audience, to help them grow both personally and professionally.

Happy Faces
Successful People

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, an insight, non-judgmental, and more unashamed conversation.”

Why you need us?

 What’s the need of counseling/ Coaching?

I am neither mentally unstable nor depressed. Why I should go to them ?

What change they can bring in?

I will be fine with time. Why to waste time and money?

I don’t need any medicine?

If any of the above question crossed your mind the answer to above is here;-

Every Individual is a self capable being, who is in charge of all the resources provided to him but there are times in life where you just lose focus, feel confused, just want certain things and situation to work in your accordance and no matter how much you tried the results are still far. Just to bridge the gap between you and your desired state, (Personal/Professional) with all the resources and capabilities you have within, we would let your probabilities open.

Please Note: The First 30 precious Minutes of yours are FREE, we believe in every cent our client spends should be worth it.

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