Daughter’s Dove – Kanika Khatri

Daughters are a blessings and i got two;
Ohh dear lord I got so blessed through.

Little tantrums u dazzlers throw all the time;
With you my heart goes chime chime.

Adorable you both look always;
I will move mountains to reach you your fortes.

Together we 3 call us TEAM PINK;
Only we can understand our wink.

No matter whenever you both ever got struck ;
Your momma has strength and love full of truck.

You both are born winners and shall shine;
I am so blessed to call you both mine.

Kyra dear you are my strength;
You have made me stronger and intense.

Zyna baby you are my weakness;
My heart goes melting for u my highness.

No cliche advices your momma has;
Live your life with your own Razmatazz.

Wherever you go , whatever you do
You will find your momma standing by you.

My love you is forevermore
It will only grow with heaps and more.

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